Waxing Nostalgic - Playmates from the 70s and 80s

Direct quote from this officially-sanctioned Playboy greatest pube hits:

"It’s the hottest trip through time in history as Playboy takes you on a sentimental journey illustrating the always sexy but ever-evolving below-the-waist hairstyles of the world’s most beautiful women!"

Some thoughts:

  • 1970s tanlines = A+
  • 1980s megamuffs are awesome (and surprisingly have even more volume/height than the ’70s ones?)
  • the curtains rarely match the carpet
  • the “landing strip” seems to have begun in 1997
  • by 2006, and beyond, there is literally no hair at all

Fun Fact: Playboy was one of only two magazines/periodicals (the other was either The New Yorker or US Rolling Stone, I think) that my gender studies tutor accepted as an essay reference (she preferred books), because of the quality of the articles.

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    So if you click the link it’s definitely NSFW, seeing as it’s Playboy Playmates from 1971 to 2008. What I wanted to talk...
  2. jellibat said: and from 2005 ish, they appear to be photoshoped genital-less , not even “healed” to a single crease, as is the standard BS
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    I looooove these photos (warning though: very white, all ‘conventionally attractive’ bodies).
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