"When it emerged that her father was a website domain name millionaire who had possibly bankrolled her reinvention, well that was the final straw. The storm could barely be contained in the teacup. Do people really have such short memories? Or does this have something to do with the fact that Grant/Del Ray is an attractive 25-year-old woman? The “crimes” of changing your name and reinventing your musical style are so common that they’re almost pop commandments. What if David Bowie (real name David Jones) hadn’t sat down in 1972 and thought “You know what, if I wear unfeasibly high boots, cut and dye my hair so it looks like a scarlet toilet brush and transform myself into this character named Ziggy Stardust, people might notice me a bit more”? I’ll tell you what would have happened. He would have continued to be a pretentious psychedelic hippy with a 12-string acoustic guitar. Instead he became a pretentious glam-rock alien superstar, and the world was a much better place for it. Have a listen to his 1967 song The Laughing Gnome, then 1972’s Suffragette City and you’ll hear what I mean."

Barry Divola on Lana Del Rey: Crowned, criticised and now cancelled | The Age

Good onya, Baz. This is a great piece.

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